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About Koko

Koko, formerly known as Koko AI, is a healthcare company based in San Francisco, CA, with a team that primarily operates remotely. The company operates within the consumer health and wellness sub-industry and is focused on providing free mental health support to millions of young people struggling online. Koko participated in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, highlighting its innovative approach to addressing mental health issues.

Mental Health Services

Koko offers a range of mental health services focused on supporting at-risk individuals. These services include guiding individuals encountering harmful content to free helplines, peer support, and self-help courses. The company utilizes an evidence-based, ethical, and responsible approach to ensure the effectiveness and safety of its resources. Over 91% of users have found Koko's services helpful, demonstrating the positive impact of their offerings.

Collaborations with Online Platforms

Koko collaborates with some of the largest online platforms in the world, including TikTok, Twitch, and Pinterest, to address the youth mental health crisis. By working with these platforms, Koko can reach a wider audience and provide crucial support to young people encountering harmful content online. The company's vision is to make mental health services accessible to everyone for free, with zero friction and complete ubiquity.

Impact on Mental Health

Koko has made a significant impact on mental health by reaching over 4,000,000 young people. The company's services are designed to provide immediate support and guidance, helping individuals navigate challenging mental health situations. By offering evidence-based resources, Koko ensures that users receive effective and reliable support that can make a real difference in their lives. The high satisfaction rate among users underscores the effectiveness of Koko's approach.

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