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Company Locations

The company is located in Paris, Île-de-France, France. It serves multiple regions, including France and Europe, and offers remote and partly remote services.

Team Size and Structure

The company has a team size of 12. The small yet efficient team operates from its headquarters in Paris and expends its services regionally across Europe and remotely.

Industry and Focus

Operating within the Fintech industry with a focus on Consumer Finance, the company specializes in providing innovative solutions in the 'Buy Now Pay Later' sector. It aims to offer flexible and accessible financial solutions to consumers.

Y Combinator Association

The company was part of the Y Combinator W22 batch, indicating its launch and initial funding phase in February 2022. This association provided the company significant mentorship and networking opportunities within the startup ecosystem.

Innovative DtoC Buy Now Pay Later App

The company has developed an innovative Direct-to-Consumer (DtoC) Buy Now Pay Later app aimed at European consumers. The app allows users to make purchases at any store in Europe without requiring any technical integration. It also provides a virtual card for transactions and an option for customers to be refunded and pay in three installments for their already made purchases.

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