Heptabase Employees

Company History

Heptabase, originally known as Project Meta, is a B2B company specializing in productivity solutions. The company operates out of Taipei City, TW, and offers fully remote working opportunities. Heptabase was part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch and is supported by notable investors including HOF Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Moving Capital, Tonic Fund, and founders of Socialcam, Triplebyte, and Codementor.

Locations and Team Size

Heptabase has its central operations based in Taipei City, Taiwan, but facilitates a fully remote working environment. The company prides itself on a small but dedicated team of 3 professionals, allowing for focused and agile development in the B2B productivity sector.

Product Management Features

Heptabase provides a comprehensive project management solution designed to reimagine task and idea tracking. This solution includes kanban and table views for tracking project status at different stages. Users can manage complex projects with clarity and flexibility using powerful tags and properties. The platform also supports cross-referencing and includes various building blocks for content creation, such as math equations, code snippets, images, videos, audios, tables, and files.

Visualization and Note-Taking Tools

Heptabase allows users to visualize documents and notes on a whiteboard, facilitating better thinking and planning. The visual note-taking tool is particularly useful for learning complex topics by placing rich-text notes on whiteboards. Additional features include PDF annotations, web and mobile app access, and real-time syncing with local-first support.

Platform Availability and Free Trial

Heptabase is available for download on multiple platforms, including MacOS (with support for both Intel and Apple Silicon), Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. New users can take advantage of a 7-day free trial to explore the various project management and visualization tools the platform offers.

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