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Company Overview

DynamoFL is a B2B company based in San Francisco, CA, USA. The company operates within the enterprise AI space, focusing on privacy, safety, and compliance. Serving regions including the United States, America/Canada, and offering remote work options, DynamoFL is part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch. With a team of 30 members, the firm provides innovative AI solutions tailored to the needs of various industries such as banking, healthcare, and life sciences.


DynamoFL offers multiple products targeted at enhancing AI security and compliance. DynamoGuard, a notable product, allows for the customization and monitoring of AI guardrails and real-time moderation of large language models (LLMs), whether hosted internally or by third parties. DynamoEval evaluates both closed and open-source LLMs for privacy, security, and reliability risks. Dynamo 8B is a multilingual foundation model designed to democratize safe Generative AI access. Additionally, the company offers Regulation-Compliant Co-Pilots, embedded with differential privacy for sectors like banking, healthcare, and life sciences. The DynamoFL product also enables private and efficient federated machine learning.

Technological Innovations

DynamoFL leverages the Automatic Policy Optimization (APO) technique for detecting compliance violations. This technology enables the real-time moderation and monitoring of AI guardrails. The company’s Dynamo 8B foundation model supports multiple languages, making it easier for businesses to adopt safe Generative AI solutions. Furthermore, DynamoFL's federated machine learning approach ensures that AI models can be trained across multiple devices while maintaining high standards of privacy and efficiency.

Solutions for Enterprise AI

DynamoFL specializes in providing AI solutions that prioritize privacy, safety, and compliance for enterprise clients. Their offerings include Regulation-Compliant Co-Pilots, which are designed for integration into sectors like banking, healthcare, and life sciences. These co-pilots incorporate differential privacy to ensure data security. Additionally, DynamoGuard and DynamoEval products facilitate robust AI guardrail customization and comprehensive risk evaluations for LLMs, respectively, enabling enterprises to maintain stringent compliance and safety standards.

Y-Combinator Participation

DynamoFL is a participant in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, highlighting its standing in the startup ecosystem. Being part of this prestigious accelerator has provided DynamoFL with access to a wide network of mentors, peers, and potential investors, bolstering its growth and innovation in the enterprise AI sector. This participation underscores the company's commitment to scaling its solutions for broader industry adoption.

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