Kendra Bobby

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About Kendra Bobby

Kendra Bobby is the Founding Data Scientist at Cotera, specializing in data security and application security to enhance customer retention and understanding through data-driven software solutions.

Known information

Kendra Bobby serves as the Founding Data Scientist at Cotera, where she leads a team of skilled engineers and data scientists in developing software aimed at improving company retention rates and deepening customer insights. Her work emphasizes stringent data security measures, including the encryption of all data at rest and in transit, utilizing Google Cloud’s Key Management and AES-256 encryption standards. Kendra is deeply involved in application security, adhering to a rigorous secure development process that is regularly audited. She employs tools like Dependabot and Google’s Container Scanning service for static security analysis. Operating within the infrastructure security domain, Kendra uses the Google Cloud Platform and its Kubernetes engine, ensuring compliance with the latest hardening standards. Her team is SOC2 Type II certified, and she can provide the latest audit report upon request. Kendra’s approach ensures that no data is stored on Cotera’s systems; instead, her platform works against a client-provided or hosted data warehouse.

About Cotera

Cotera, formerly known as Supersheets, is a B2B analytics company that specializes in automated lifecycle segmentation and prescriptive analytics to enhance customer retention and growth.

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