Charis Yoon

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About Charis Yoon

Charis Yoon is a Growth Intern with a background in data-driven solutions for customer retention, having previously interned at Google and studied at Harvard University.

Known information

Charis Yoon is currently serving as a Growth Intern, focusing on leveraging data-driven strategies to enhance customer retention. She has a robust educational background, having attended Harvard University, which provided her with a strong foundation in her field. Prior to her current role, she interned at Google, where she gained significant practical experience. Charis is also multilingual, fluent in both Korean and English, which enhances her ability to communicate effectively in diverse environments. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys hiking and photography, activities that allow her to explore and capture the natural world.

About Cotera

Cotera, formerly known as Supersheets, is a B2B analytics company that specializes in automated lifecycle segmentation and prescriptive analytics to enhance customer retention and growth.

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