Reika Sullivan

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About Reika Sullivan

Reika Sullivan is a Founding Engineer at Complete, a company focused on transforming employee compensation into a strategic advantage, with a notable background at Google, Uber, Lyft, and Opendoor.

Known information

Reika Sullivan serves as a Founding Engineer at Complete, a mission-driven company that leverages compensation transparency and education to build trust within teams. Prior to joining Complete, Sullivan accumulated experience at major tech companies including Google, Uber, Lyft, and Opendoor. At Complete, she has been instrumental in raising $4M in seed funding in a round led by Accel and supported by Y Combinator. Sullivan’s work involves analyzing over 5,000 salaries and employee records to aid customers in retaining top talent. The company, known for its values of empathy, compassion, and culture-addition, aims to lead with transparency in compensation practices. Sullivan works alongside a diverse team that includes a CEO & Co-founder, another Founding Engineer, a Product Designer, and a unique role of a Professional People Greeter named Ritz.

About Complete

Complete, formerly known as Polar, is a San Francisco-based B2B company specializing in human resources solutions that enhance transparency and trust in team compensation. The company offers a comprehensive platform for customizable offer letters and integrates seamlessly with ATS systems to streamline HR processes.

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