Rani Mavram

Co-founder & CEO @ Complete arrow icon

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About Rani Mavram

Rani Mavram, Co-founder and CEO, is renowned for her focus on transforming employee compensation into a strategic advantage and fostering transparency and equity within the workplace.

Known information

Rani Mavram, holding the position of Co-founder and CEO, has an impressive background with prior roles at notable companies such as Google, Uber, Lyft, and Opendoor. Her professional focus is on developing technology that enhances employee compensation, making it a strategic advantage for businesses. Mavram is committed to leading her organization with transparency and aims to assist businesses in getting compensation right from the start. She views every challenge as a potential opportunity for development and innovation. With a strong commitment to creating an equitable workspace, she values equity within her company and is dedicated to customer-centric development, emphasizing empathy and compassion in all business interactions.

About Complete

Complete, formerly known as Polar, is a San Francisco-based B2B company specializing in human resources solutions that enhance transparency and trust in team compensation. The company offers a comprehensive platform for customizable offer letters and integrates seamlessly with ATS systems to streamline HR processes.

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