Jørgen Pedersen

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About Jørgen Pedersen

Jørgen Pedersen works in the Production department at Carbon Crusher, collaborating with a diverse team dedicated to addressing climate change.

Known information

Jørgen Pedersen is a key member of the Production department at Carbon Crusher, a company focused on making a positive impact on the planet by addressing climate change. In his role, Jørgen works closely with colleagues such as Tore Lia, also in Production, and Youness Berget. He is part of a broader team that includes Adrian Savu, Head of Bio Engineering, and Robert Dyke, Head of Research & Special Projects. The team’s efforts are supported by individuals in various strategic roles, including Enzo Merriman in Business Development, Fredrik Walstad, Vice President of Operations & Logistics, Stine Norum, Vice President Commercial, and Tonje Norheim, Vice President of Business Development. Additionally, Uthman Yusuf contributes as a Product Manager, and Iveta Akmenkalne serves as the Executive Assistant. Jørgen’s work is part of a collaborative effort that extends to initiatives like SkyRoads, involving colleagues such as Runar Buvik and Andrew Bemsh.

About Carbon Crusher

Carbon Crusher, based in Oslo, Norway, innovates in the industrials and climate sector by using carbon binding lignin for road maintenance, enhancing road durability while achieving net carbon negativity.

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