Youness Berget

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Youness Berget is a professional in the Production department, collaborating closely with colleagues Tore Lia and Jørgen Pedersen.

Youness Berget's Role in Production

Youness Berget works in the Production department. His role involves engaging in various production tasks and responsibilities. This position often requires close coordination with other team members to ensure seamless operations and meet production targets. Youness collaborates with colleagues to contribute to the department's overall efficiency.

Colleagues of Youness Berget

Youness Berget collaborates with Torn Lia and Jørgen Pedersen, who are also part of the Production department. This teamwork is essential for maintaining the department's productivity and operational smoothness. By working closely with Tore Lia and Jørgen Pedersen, Youness plays a significant role in the collective achievements of the production team.

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Tore Lia works in the Production department, specializing in innovative, sustainable road rehabilitation methods that utilize full-depth reclamation and waste-to-value biobinders.

Jørgen Pedersen works in the Production department at Carbon Crusher, collaborating with a diverse team dedicated to addressing climate change.