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About Tore Lia

Tore Lia works in the Production department, specializing in innovative, sustainable road rehabilitation methods that utilize full-depth reclamation and waste-to-value biobinders.

Known information

Tore Lia is a professional in the Production department, engaged in a pioneering road rehabilitation process that leverages full-depth reclamation techniques and waste-to-value biobinders. This method not only recycles existing road materials but also incorporates biobinders that convert waste into valuable, usable materials, effectively making the process carbon-negative. Lia’s work contributes to creating roads that are more durable, with an increased lifespan of over 15 years, and are environmentally friendly by preserving natural resources and reducing carbon emissions. The process also reduces material and labor costs, making it economically advantageous. Lia is part of a team that serves a diverse range of sectors, including public municipalities, counties, and various industries such as mining, energy, and agriculture. Additionally, Lia is involved in developing ‘SkyRoads,’ a pavement management system designed to enhance real-time road maintenance planning and management, and participates in offering ‘Crushing as a Service’ (CRAAS) to promote the adoption of these sustainable road-making technologies.

About Carbon Crusher

Carbon Crusher, based in Oslo, Norway, innovates in the industrials and climate sector by using carbon binding lignin for road maintenance, enhancing road durability while achieving net carbon negativity.

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