Snehanshu Gandhi

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Snehanshu Gandhi is the cofounder and CEO of a company that enhances product development by facilitating the rapid collection of scalable user feedback, integrating with major analytics tools, and offering advanced survey assistance.

Snehanshu Gandhi: Cofounder & CEO

Snehanshu Gandhi is the Cofounder and CEO, focusing on enhancing product development teams' capabilities. His leadership role involves overseeing the company's strategic direction and ensuring that teams have the tools needed to gather and act on user feedback efficiently. Gandhi's work primarily revolves around creating solutions that help product teams understand and address users' real problems through effective feedback collection and analysis.

Empowering Product Teams

Under Snehanshu Gandhi's guidance, the company provides tools that empower product teams to deliver solutions that solve actual user problems. These tools help teams to ship products more effectively by rapidly collecting user feedback at scale. By focusing on genuine user issues, the product teams can make more informed decisions, leading to innovative and user-centric products.

Integration with Analytics and Engagement Tools

Snehanshu Gandhi's platform integrates seamlessly with various popular analytics and engagement tools, such as Mixpanel, Segment, and Google Analytics. This integration allows product teams to consolidate their data sources and gain comprehensive insights into user behavior, enabling more precise and actionable feedback collection.

AI-Powered Survey Creation

The platform offers AI-powered question assistants that aid in creating unbiased and insightful surveys quickly. These assistants help in framing questions that yield relevant and accurate user feedback, streamlining the survey creation process for product teams. This feature ensures that feedback is collected efficiently and effectively.

Competitive Pricing and Features

Snehanshu Gandhi's service competes with Hotjar by offering unlimited surveys and responses at a fraction of the price. The platform addresses Hotjar's limitations while providing these services at around 50% of the cost. Additional features include support for both mobile and web platforms, white labeling, and customization in its paid plans.

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