Ayan Baig

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About Ayan Baig

Ayan Baig is the Co-founder and CEO of Cashbook, known for his role in enhancing product features and user experience through effective feedback mechanisms.

Known information

Ayan Baig serves as the Growth Lead and Co-founder at Cashbook, where he plays a pivotal role in the feature development cycle. He effectively utilizes tools like Blitzllama’s in-product surveys to gather immediate user insights, which are crucial for iterative product enhancements. Baig credits Blitzllama for its significant impact on improving Cashbook’s onboarding process by identifying previously overlooked areas, thus refining the user experience. He appreciates the smooth integration of Blitzllama’s tools and the prompt support from their team, which together enable high response rates and valuable experiential insights. His strategic use of these tools facilitates faster, data-driven decision-making within his company.

About Blitzllama

Blitzllama is a B2B company based in Bengaluru, India, offering an AI-powered user insights platform that enhances product teams' ability to gather and analyze user feedback across web and mobile platforms.

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