John Manjila

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John Manjila is a Product Manager for the Mitra app, focusing on enhancing user experience by integrating AI and customer feedback into product development.

John Manjila Product Manager

John Manjila holds the title of Product Manager, where he leverages his skills to ensure the voice of the customer is championed effectively for the Mitra app. He focuses on translating customer needs and feedback into actionable product improvements.

Championing Voice of the Customer for Mitra App

In his role, John Manjila helps product teams at the Mitra app prioritize and act on customer feedback. He ensures that the voice of the customer is central to product development, working diligently to capture their needs and preferences in the Mitra app.

Utilizing Blitzllama's GPT-powered AI for Product Insights

John Manjila utilizes Blitzllama's GPT-powered AI to convert open-ended survey responses into actionable product insights. This tool helps him analyze feedback efficiently, enabling targeted enhancements that align with customer expectations.

Offering Free Forever Plan With No Credit Card Required

A notable feature managed by John Manjila is the offering of a free forever plan for users, which requires no credit card. This initiative promotes accessibility and ease of use, encouraging more users to engage without financial obligations.

Advanced Targeting and Customization Features

John Manjila provides advanced targeting through event and cohort-based architecture. Additionally, he offers extensive UI/UX customization options, allowing brands to match the survey widget seamlessly with their visual identity. He also supports multilingual surveys to cater to diverse user bases.

Supporting No-Code Integrations with Popular Tools

Under John Manjila’s management, the Mitra app supports no-code integrations with popular tools such as Segment, Amplitude, and Mixpanel. This feature simplifies the integration process, making it user-friendly for teams to incorporate the app into their existing workflows.

Simple SDK Integration and Resurvey Guardrails

The Mitra app, managed by John Manjila, boasts a simple SDK integration that requires fewer than 20 lines of code. Furthermore, he has implemented resurvey guardrails to prevent repetitive surveying, enhancing the user experience by reducing survey fatigue.

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