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Jainam Sanghavi offers a white-labeled, no-code payment gateway solution that allows businesses to receive funds on T+1 without compliance or operational changes.

Jainam Sanghavi Payment Gateway Integration

Jainam Sanghavi offers a unique payment gateway integration that can be set up in just two hours. This solution allows businesses to receive funds quickly, on a T+1 basis, similar to traditional payment gateways. With no compliance setups or operational changes required, Jainam's integration offers a seamless and efficient payment processing method.

Zero Compliance and Operational Changes in Payment Integration

One of the standout features of Jainam Sanghavi's payment solution is the elimination of compliance setups and operational changes. Businesses can incorporate this payment method without altering their existing systems or processes. This makes it an attractive option for companies looking for effortless implementation.

White-Labeling and No-Code Customizations

Jainam Sanghavi's payment solution provides white-labeling options, allowing businesses to create their own branded 'Khata' products. The No-Code customizations enable companies to design and deploy a payment solution tailor-made to their needs, enhancing brand identity and user experience without extensive development effort.

Zero Financial Risk Payment Solution

With Jainam Sanghavi's payment gateway, businesses take on zero financial risk. The payment processing is designed to ensure that companies receive revenue as they did before, with no added financial uncertainty. This makes it a risk-free option for businesses to add a new payment method.

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