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Rachel is the Co-founder and Head of Design at a tech startup, part of Y Combinator's Winter '22 batch, focusing on simplifying account creation and enhancing data privacy in web applications.

Rachel - Co-founder & Head of Design

Rachel holds the pivotal role of Co-founder & Head of Design, driving the visual and functional aspects of the company's offerings. Her position focuses on creating seamless user experiences that align with the company's vision of effortless account creation.

Y Combinator Winter '22 Batch

Rachel's company was part of Y Combinator's prestigious Winter '22 batch. This involvement with Y Combinator has provided valuable mentorship, networking opportunities, and a powerful platform for growth and development in the tech startup ecosystem.

Successful $1M Pre-seed Round

Rachel played a crucial role in closing a significant $1M pre-seed funding round. The investments were secured from high-profile investors including YCombinator, Betaworks Ventures, Plug-in-Play Ventures, and Security Syndicate, setting a strong foundation for the company's future.

Innovative Account Creation Solution

Rachel and her team aim to simplify the process of converting website visitors into account-holding customers. They offer a single code snippet that can be easily integrated into any website or app, enhancing user experience by reducing the steps required for account creation.

Data Privacy and Transparency

A strong advocate for data privacy, Rachel prioritizes transparent and straightforward personal data collection, lending, and revocation processes. Her commitment ensures users can trust the way their information is handled and gives them control over their personal data.

Based in Raleigh, NC

Rachel operates out of Raleigh, NC, leveraging the region's growing tech industry and vibrant startup community. The location provides strategic advantages in terms of talent acquisition and industry connections.

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