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Rebill, headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, operates within the fintech industry, focusing specifically on payment systems. With a team of 15, Rebill has been recognized by major accelerators, including Y Combinator in its W22 batch. The company caters to a diverse clientele across Argentina and Latin America, with services also available remotely. Rebill’s platform is designed to simplify the payment process for developers, offering extensive documentation and APIs for easy integration. The platform supports charging in both local and foreign currencies, and integrates over 100 local payment methods. Rebill is known for its ability to increase payment approval rates by 20% and improve payment conversion by up to 20% in Latin America. It also features automatic retries to recover up to 60% of rejected payments and provides transparent checkout options to enhance customer trust and reduce chargebacks. Additionally, Rebill enables instant payment links with customizable domains, CSS, and JavaScript, and offers global payouts to teams, customers, and partners within 24 hours. The company’s ability to expand across Latin America at a rapid pace and reduced cost, coupled with its comprehensive payment and subscription management solutions, makes it a valuable player in the fintech sector.

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