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Proper, located in San Francisco, CA, operates within the B2B finance and accounting sub-industry and is part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch. The company employs a team of 10 and serves regions including the United States, America/Canada, and offers remote and partly remote working options. Proper provides a unified financial data platform designed to help companies focus on building for their end-users rather than managing financial data infrastructure. Its offerings include a core ledger, tools for reconciliation, compliance, accounting, and APIs to manage payments data across providers. The platform connects banks, API providers, and networks into a single system, facilitating automated reconciliation and accounting for financial accuracy at scale. Proper’s integrated financial operating system features components like Reconciliation, Exception Management, Connections, Financial Data Platform, and Ledgers, all aimed at accelerating innovation and improving the health of the financial ecosystem. The ledger system supports double-entry standards and is built for flexibility and scale, suitable for various use cases such as in-app balances, multi-tenant banking systems, or revenue sub-ledgers. Additionally, Proper offers no-code workflows and templates for fast integration and iteration, making the platform highly appreciated by both developers and finance teams. The company is backed by industry leaders such as Redpoint Ventures, Mischief, BoxGroup, and Y Combinator, emphasizing its commitment to providing robust and reliable financial solutions.

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