Sherwood Callaway

Co-founder @ Opkit

Sherwood Callaway is the co-founder of a software product aimed at streamlining administrative workflows for healthcare providers using voice AI technology.


Sherwood Callaway co-founded a software company focused on streamlining administrative workflows for healthcare providers. The company leverages voice AI technology to enhance efficiency within the healthcare sector. Prior to starting this venture, he and his co-founder, Justin Ko, worked together at Brex, a notable financial technology startup.


Sherwood Callaway holds the position of Co-founder at his company, where he focuses on innovating and deploying software solutions aimed at improving administrative efficiencies within the healthcare industry.


Sherwood Callaway grew up as the son of an orthopedic surgeon, which gave him early exposure to the inefficiencies in the healthcare business. This background played a crucial role in shaping his understanding and passion for improving healthcare workflows through technology solutions.

Professional Experience at Brex

During his tenure at Brex, Sherwood Callaway was involved in developing 'Cash,' a business bank account product. This project provided him with significant experience in fintech, which would later contribute to his ability to craft innovative solutions in the healthcare sector.

Education and Expertise

Sherwood Callaway has expertise in financial technology and healthcare administration. His professional experience at Brex, combined with his familiarity with healthcare inefficiencies from an early age, equips him with a unique skill set tailored to addressing complex administrative challenges using cutting-edge technologies like voice AI.

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