Justin Ko

Co-founder @ Opkit

Title: Co-founder

Justin Ko holds the position of Co-founder. His role involves collaborating with Sherwood Callaway to innovate and create new software solutions. Justin leverages his extensive experience in the financial technology sector to drive the development and implementation of their ventures.

Professional Background at Brex

Justin Ko began his notable journey in the tech industry as an early employee at Brex, a prominent financial technology startup. At Brex, his significant contributions were towards the development of 'Cash', a business bank account product. This experience provided Justin with deep insights into product development and financial technology, shaping his skills and expertise.

Development of Cash at Brex

As part of his tenure at Brex, Justin Ko played a pivotal role in building 'Cash', the business bank account product. This product aimed at revolutionizing the financial operations for businesses, providing them with robust banking solutions. His work at Brex underscored his capability in developing innovative financial technologies.

Collaboration with Sherwood Callaway

In early 2019, Justin Ko met Sherwood Callaway while working at Brex. Their mutual interests and professional synergies led them to join forces in creating a new venture. Together, they co-founded a company focused on creating software that streamlines administrative workflows for healthcare providers using advanced voice AI technology.

New Venture in Healthcare Technology

After leaving Brex, Justin Ko, along with Sherwood Callaway, embarked on a new venture aimed at the healthcare sector. They developed a software product designed to enhance administrative workflows for healthcare providers through the integration of voice AI technology. This innovation promises to improve efficiency and streamline processes in healthcare management.

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