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OnScale, formerly known as Take1 Financial and Muse Card, is a B2B company specializing in productivity solutions for talent management agencies. Based in New York, NY with a remote team, OnScale operates in regions across the United States and America/Canada. The company is part of the Y-Combinator Winter 2022 batch and has a team of three members.


OnScale provides a comprehensive CRM and collaboration platform designed specifically for talent management agencies. Their services include influencer relationship management, brand outreach, and campaign deliverables managed through a unified platform. The company also offers tools for media kit creation, which showcases talent clients with the latest social media statistics, using professionally designed templates and auto-synchronized metrics.


OnScale's platform features several key products aimed at enhancing productivity for talent managers. These include a mobile app for real-time notifications and messages related to leads, clients, and active brand collaborations. Another notable product is their media kit tool, which integrates social metrics in real-time, making it easier for agencies to present up-to-date data on their talent clients.


OnScale offers a podcast that provides valuable insights from industry experts, including Influence Marketing specialists, Brand Marketers, and talent managers. This resource serves as an educational tool for professionals looking to stay informed about the latest trends and best practices in talent management and influencer marketing.

Casting Call Feature

The Casting Call feature on OnScale’s platform allows talent agencies to share casting opportunities and commissions. This tool is designed to foster collaboration among agencies and broaden access to a diverse pool of talent, aiding in the discovery and engagement of new talent opportunities.

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