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Inedit, previously known as Inedit Corp. and Inedit (brandazine), operates from Seoul, South Korea, and employs a team of 23 professionals. As a participant in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, the company focuses on the consumer content industry within the East Asian region. Inedit offers a comprehensive suite of services including full creative direction and production for photo and video content, PR & communication services aimed at bridging brands with Korea’s leading creatives and influencers, and the design and production of unique spatial experiences such as immersive exhibitions, brand pop-ups, and VIP dinners. The company’s website features a dynamic header, a mobile-friendly design, a shopping cart, social media integration, a site map, a generative background mode in the footer, and a fluid engine for content layout. Additional features include a ‘Book session’ option, comprehensive service and contact information accessible from the main menu, and a ‘Follow’ section linking to their social media profiles on Instagram and LinkedIn. Inedit creates tailored opportunities for brands and creators through the conceptualization, production, and management of marketing campaigns, creative content, offline events, and VIP experiences. They also offer RSVP and influencer promotion services to target a diverse range of markets, tailored to each client’s brand image, audience, and marketing goals. In collaboration with Brandazine, Inedit positions itself as a one-stop destination for seamless, high-quality marketing and memorable experiences in both digital and physical spaces.

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