Anders Forslund

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Heart Aerospace

Anders Forslund is the co-founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace, known for his contributions to electric aviation and aerospace research.

Anders Forslund: Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Anders Forslund is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Heart Aerospace, a role he has held since the company’s inception in 2018. Under Forslund’s leadership, the company is advancing electric aviation technology. Forslund co-founded Heart Aerospace with Klara Andreasson, and the company focuses on developing electric regional airplanes.

Anders Forslund's Background and Experience

Prior to founding Heart Aerospace, Anders Forslund was an aerospace researcher at Chalmers University. His professional journey includes significant contributions to the Elise-Electric Aviation in Sweden project, which was supported by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova. Forslund also spent a year at MIT from 2013 to 2014, where his work on geometric variation of aerospace components earned him the Charles M. Manly Memorial Medal.

Anders Forslund's Education and Expertise

Anders Forslund’s educational background is rooted in aerospace engineering and physics. He holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Product Development and a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University. Additionally, Forslund graduated from the SpaceMaster program, earning dual M.Sc. degrees in Astronautics and Space Engineering from Cranfield University and Luleå University.

Anders Forslund's Role in Electric Aviation

Anders Forslund is a prominent figure in the electric aviation sector. As a founding member of the Nordic Network for Electric Aviation, he contributes to the promotion and development of electric aviation in the Nordic countries. His work with Heart Aerospace aligns with his commitment to innovative and sustainable aviation solutions.

Anders Forslund: Prince Daniel Fellowship Member

Anders Forslund is a member of the Prince Daniel fellowship for young entrepreneurs. This fellowship supports entrepreneurial initiatives and fosters the growth of young leaders in various industries. Forslund’s involvement in this fellowship underscores his dedication to entrepreneurship and innovation within the aerospace sector.

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