Jay Chia

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About Jay Chia

Jay Chia is a seasoned technology leader with a strong background in machine learning and computational biology, currently serving as the CTO.

Known information

Jay Chia, originally from Singapore, holds a distinguished position as the CTO, with a rich educational background from Cornell University where he conducted research in Machine Learning and Computational Biology at the Yu and Danko labs. His career trajectory includes significant roles such as a tank platoon commander in the Singapore army and the Head of Talent Acquisition at Shopback. He was also the founding engineer of the Machine Learning platform team at Freenome, where he developed a platform aimed at detecting colorectal cancer from genomic data. Later, he enhanced his expertise in machine learning infrastructure by joining Lyft Level 5 as a senior engineer, focusing on distributed deep learning.

About Eventual

Eventual, formerly known as Eventual Computing, is a B2B infrastructure company based in San Francisco, CA, with a team of 5 members.

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