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Company Background

EasyCode, formerly known as Personabo, is a B2B company operating within the engineering, product, and design sub-industry. The company participates in the W22 batch of Y-Combinator and has its operations headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada, with a fully remote working model. EasyCode is known for providing solutions using cutting-edge technologies to enhance developer productivity.


EasyCode offers a GPT-4 powered AI coding assistant designed to understand the context of a developer's work. This tool provides immediate and contextually relevant answers to developer queries concerning their codebases. The service proves to be an invaluable resource for developers, boosting their productivity through instant codebase-specific assistance.

Product Features

EasyCode's AI assistant is accessible as an extension for popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as VS Code and JetBrains. The tool helps developers by indexing codebases and providing context-aware assistance. For projects that involve more than 200 files, the AI assistant's indexing capability is available through a team plan. Interested users can request a demo of the team plan. It is utilized by over 900,000 developers globally.

Data Protection and Privacy

EasyCode is committed to data protection and privacy. The company uses third-party providers like OpenAI and Anthropic for code generation and MixPanel for telemetry to understand application usage. Codebases are securely stored as embeddings to ensure data security, making it unreadable as plaintext. Additionally, EasyCode provides detailed privacy policies on their website to offer transparency to users.

Support and Communication

EasyCode provides multiple channels for support and inquiries. Users can reach out for assistance or ask questions through the company's Discord channel or via email. This system ensures that developers utilizing EasyCode's services have robust support to troubleshoot issues and maximize their productivity with the AI assistant.

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