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Dart, previously named Pivot and Keeple, operates within the B2B productivity sub-industry and is located in San Francisco and Redwood City, CA. The company, which participated in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, employs a team of seven and serves regions including the United States, America/Canada, and offers remote and partly remote working options. Dart’s project management tool is designed to enhance team efficiency by using AI to assist with various tasks such as roadmap planning, report generation, breaking tasks into subtasks, and executing basic writing and design tasks. This tool aims to save teams approximately seven hours per week by eliminating regular project management chores. Dart integrates with essential workplace tools to streamline project management processes and supports task management in list and board views, which include features like subtasks, due dates, priorities, and more. Additionally, it allows for the use of sprints and provides Gantt charts, calendar views, and a powerful doc editor for document management and writing tasks. Dart’s AI capabilities also include automatic property filling and generating reports for changelogs and standup meetings. The platform integrates with GitHub, Slack, Discord, and offers a CLI and API for further integration and automation. Dart also maintains a blog that explores topics related to productivity and artificial intelligence.

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