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About Zack Swafford

Zack Swafford is a contributor known for his articles on software updates and ChatGPT plugins, providing insights into project management and development.

Known information

Zack Swafford has made significant contributions to discussions on software development and project management tools. He authored an article titled ‘Dart v6.2 Update: Eliminate duplicate tasks and messy backlogs forever,’ which focuses on enhancing productivity through software improvements. Swafford was also featured in an article about the ‘Dart v6.0 Update,’ which introduced a shift from traditional project management to more dynamic project execution strategies. Additionally, he has shared his expertise in developing ChatGPT plugins, contributing to an article on how to create effective plugins and sharing personal insights in ‘What I learned from making a top ChatGPT plugin.’ His discussion on the integration of ChatGPT with Dart in the ‘Dart v5.3 Update’ blog post further highlights his involvement in evolving project management technologies.

About Dart

Dart, formerly known as Pivot and Keeple, is a B2B company based in San Francisco and Redwood City, CA, specializing in AI-enhanced project management tools aimed at boosting productivity by automating routine tasks.

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