Ibby Syed

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About Ibby Syed

Ibby Syed is the founder of an unspecified company, known for his active presence on GitHub, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Known information

Ibby Syed is recognized as the founder of his company, contributing significantly to its establishment and growth. He maintains a GitHub profile under the username ‘ibbysyed’, where he shares and collaborates on various software development projects. Additionally, Ibby is active on Twitter with the handle @StatueofIBBertY, engaging with the community and sharing insights related to his field. His professional network is further extended on LinkedIn, where his profile can be accessed at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ibby/. Through these platforms, Ibby Syed demonstrates a commitment to his professional field and community engagement.

About Cotera

Cotera, formerly known as Supersheets, is a B2B analytics company that specializes in automated lifecycle segmentation and prescriptive analytics to enhance customer retention and growth.

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