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Clupp is a fintech company headquartered in Mexico City, with a focus on the insurance sub-industry. It targets a $7 billion market by offering innovative insurance products specifically designed for cars, motorcycles, bikes, and scooters. By leveraging technology, Clupp identifies low mileage drivers and those with good driving habits, providing them with up to 40% lower insurance premiums. The company also incorporates features such as gamification and payment solutions for the unbanked, enhancing accessibility and engagement. Clupp participated in Y Combinator’s W22 batch and operates in Mexico and Latin America, with services also available fully remotely. The company is at an early stage of its business development and supports its customers with online tools for managing insurance, reporting incidents, and making payments. Additionally, Clupp offers resources for insurance agents, including an agent portal and contact options, and maintains a blog to provide further information and support to its clients.

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