Company History

Bunkyr was launched in March 2022, making its entry into the B2B security sub-industry. The company quickly earned a spot in the Y Combinator W22 batch, marking its position as an innovative startup in the field of user data protection. Since its inception, Bunkyr has focused on offering advanced security solutions tailored for businesses.


Bunkyr provides a hardware-secured API aimed at protecting user data. The company emphasizes security through the use of Zero-Knowledge architectures and end-to-end encryption. These technologies are designed to safeguard against data breaches. Additionally, Bunkyr offers a recovery method that allows users to restore access to encrypted data without the need to remember their passwords. The API is user and developer-friendly, cost-effective, and fast.


Bunkyr operates within the B2B sector, focusing specifically on the security sub-industry. The company's services target businesses that require robust data protection mechanisms to secure user information. Its customer base is primarily located in the United States and Canada.


Bunkyr is headquartered in Denver, CO, USA. The company concentrates its operations within the United States of America and the broader America/Canada region.

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Bunkyr Employees

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