Rachel S.

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Rachel S. is a Senior Data Engineer experienced in managing Postgres databases across different platforms, including Heroku Connect and AWS.

Professional Title

Rachel S. holds the position of Senior Data Engineer. In her role, she is responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining large-scale data processing systems. Her work supports organizational data needs and analytics, ensuring seamless and efficient data flow across various systems.

Heroku Connect Experience

At her previous company, Rachel S. utilized Heroku Connect for data synchronization and integration between Heroku Postgres and Salesforce. Her experience with this tool highlights her capabilities in managing cloud-based data solutions and ensures that systems can interact smoothly without data conflicts or delays.

AWS and Postgres Deployment

In her current position, Rachel S. is working with Postgres hosted on AWS. Transitioning from Heroku Connect to a different setup in a larger company, she identified the necessity for a similar synchronization tool in a non-Heroku environment, ultimately finding and implementing Bracket to fulfill these needs.

Bracket Implementation

Upon discovering the absence of a Heroku Connect equivalent for non-Heroku Postgres in larger AWS-hosted systems, Rachel S. found and integrated Bracket as a solution. Her initiative in identifying and implementing Bracket demonstrates her problem-solving skills and adaptability in adopting new technologies to meet organizational requirements.

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