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Ian Yanusko is featured in a company blog post where he explains how to synchronize Airtable and Postgres databases.

Profile of Ian Yanusko

Ian Yanusko is featured in a blog post titled 'How to sync Airtable and Postgres.' This profile picture is also showcased on the company’s blog. Known for expertise in data synchronization, Ian provides valuable insights on connecting Airtable with Postgres. The blog post outlines essential steps and practices for effectively integrating these two platforms.

How to Sync Airtable and Postgres

Ian Yanusko is highlighted in a blog post specifically titled 'How to sync Airtable and Postgres.' The post provides detailed instructions and methodologies for synchronizing data between Airtable and Postgres. This article is an essential resource for anyone seeking to integrate these two platforms, featuring practical advice and step-by-step guidance.

Contact Ian Yanusko for a Demo

Individuals interested in learning more about syncing Airtable and Postgres can contact Ian Yanusko directly for a demo. Ian can be reached via a Calendly link, making it convenient to schedule a time for a personalized demonstration. This allows users to gain deeper insights and ask specific questions related to their integration needs.

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