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BotCity, a participant in Y-Combinator’s W22 batch, specializes in providing Python-based robotic process automation (RPA) solutions and intelligent automation orchestration tailored for tech teams. The company operates out of San Francisco, CA, USA; São Paulo, SP, Brazil; and offers fully remote services. With a team of 18, BotCity focuses on the B2B sector, particularly in engineering, product, and design sub-industries. The company’s platform is open-source, designed to enable the building and orchestration of automation without vendor lock-in and utilizes over 440,000 Python libraries. BotCity claims that its Python automations are at least ten times faster than low-code automations, offering significant reductions in lead time and infrastructure costs. The software supports automation across web, desktop, or legacy systems and can be run on-premise on VMs, Dockers, or serverless environments. The BotCity Maestro Orchestrator enhances enterprise-level orchestration by providing full control over code and governance, including features like scheduling, logs, alerts, and customizable parameters. Trusted by over 1000 companies in more than 70 countries, BotCity also runs a global partners program that includes technical training, support, co-marketing opportunities, and go-to-market training, aiming to expand service margins and enhance access to RPA support. Additionally, the company offers free Python RPA courses through the BotCity Academy to foster learning and development in RPA technologies.

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