Dora Tzeng

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Dora Tzeng is a software engineer at Aviator, a platform enhancing developer productivity by automating merge workflows and maintaining healthy builds, notably used by major companies like Slack and Square.

Dora Tzeng - Software Engineer

Dora Tzeng is a software engineer at Aviator, a developer productivity platform designed to help software teams scale efficiently. Her role involves building tools that streamline workflows without adding unnecessary overhead for developers.

Aviator - Developer Productivity Platform

Dora Tzeng works at Aviator, a company committed to enhancing developer productivity through tools that automate merge workflows and maintain healthy builds. Aviator helps software teams save up to 5 hours weekly, enabling them to focus on innovative tasks rather than redundant processes. The company's suite of productivity tools is inspired by Google's internal practices and is geared towards scaling developer workflows for creating, reviewing, testing, and merging code changes.

Ex-Googlers at Aviator

Dora Tzeng is part of a talented team at Aviator, which includes ex-Googlers like Ankit Jain (CEO & Co-founder) and Masaya Suzuki (Head of Engineering). This diverse team leverages their extensive industry experience to develop innovative productivity solutions for engineers. Other notable team members include Erich Kramer (Software Engineer), David Bonilla (Growth Marketing Manager), and Alex Zhou (Senior Software Engineer).

Companies Using Aviator

The tools and solutions developed by Dora Tzeng and her team at Aviator are trusted by renowned companies such as Slack, Bosch, Lightspeed, Square, Benchling, and Figma. These companies rely on Aviator for efficient workflow management and to enhance their developer experience, demonstrating the platform's reliability and industry acceptance.

Security and Support at Aviator

Dora Tzeng is a part of Aviator, a company that prioritizes security and support for its clients. Aviator offers real-time support via Slack, ensuring prompt assistance. The platform is SOC2 Type II compliant and provides SAML-based authentication, guaranteeing enterprise-level security and reliability for its users.

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