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About Alex Zhou

Alex Zhou is a Senior Software Engineer at Aviator, where he specializes in automating developer workflows and enhancing developer productivity through innovative solutions.

Known information

Alex Zhou currently holds the position of Senior Software Engineer at Aviator, a company focused on reimagining developer productivity. He is an integral part of a team that includes former Google employees and works closely with colleagues such as Ankit Jain, Dora Tzeng, Masaya Suzuki, Erich Kramer, and David Bonilla. Alex’s expertise lies in automating developer workflows, managing git Pull Requests, and continuous integration test runs, which significantly contribute to preventing broken builds and streamlining merge processes. His efforts in managing PR queues and deploying over 800 PRs with Aviator’s MergeQueue have markedly improved efficiency for teams of over 100 developers. Prior to joining Aviator, Alex gained valuable experience at companies such as, TestRigor, Butternut Box, Secureframe, Socket, Health Catalyst, and, where he addressed various challenges including flaky tests, saving substantial engineering time. His work not only supports managing cross-PR dependencies and handling flaky tests but also ensures compliance with SOC2 Type II security standards. Alex was also part of the team that successfully raised $2.3M to enhance tools for developer productivity at Aviator.

About Aviator

Aviator, formerly known as Rsync and MergeQueue, is a B2B company based in San Francisco that enhances developer productivity by automating code review assignments and merge workflows, particularly for large engineering teams.

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