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About Don Muir

Don Muir is the Co-Founder and CEO of Arc Capital Markets, a platform that revolutionizes the venture debt market by offering up to $250M in debt capital to technology companies through a streamlined application process.

Known information

Don Muir, serving as the Co-Founder and CEO, has significantly impacted the venture debt market with the launch of Arc Capital Markets. This platform emerged as a pivotal solution following the collapse of the regional banking system, which had previously dominated the venture debt market. Arc Capital Markets distinguishes itself by allowing premium technology companies to apply for up to $250 million in debt capital from a select network of pre-qualified lenders managing $100 billion in assets under management (AUM). The platform’s onboarding process is notably efficient, requiring less than 10 minutes to complete, with indicative terms provided within 1-5 business days. Arc Capital Markets simplifies the optimization of a company’s debt capital structure through a user-friendly software platform, enabling adjustments with just a few clicks. Additionally, startups with an active cash management account benefit from a 50% reduction in all platform fees. In a bold move to demonstrate confidence in their lender network, Arc promises to deposit $10,000 into qualifying startups’ accounts if they fail to provide indicative terms. Moreover, the funds raised can be strategically invested in US Treasury Bills yielding up to 5.5% APY, managed through the Arc Treasury account, or utilized via a fee-free operating account to foster growth. Over the past year, Arc has expanded its offerings to include Global Treasury, Arc Platinum, and Venture Debt products.

About Arc

Arc is a fintech company based in San Francisco, specializing in comprehensive financial products and services for startups, including payment management, financing, and investment opportunities.

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