Nick Lombardo

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About Nick Lombardo

Nick Lombardo is the Co-Founder and President of a company focused on innovative financial solutions for startups, introducing products like Arc Platinum and Venture Debt, and increasing FDIC coverage for client security.

Known information

Nick Lombardo serves as the Co-Founder and President of a company that provides advanced financial services tailored for startups. He has significantly contributed to the startup ecosystem by launching multiple products and services aimed at enhancing the financial management and operational efficiency of startup companies. Notably, Lombardo launched the Partner Marketplace, which offers substantial SaaS savings, and introduced Arc Platinum, a premium cash management service. He also increased the available FDIC coverage to $5.25 million to protect startups’ deposits and launched Venture Debt in response to high demand from VC-backed banking clients.

Lombardo has been active in thought leadership, sharing insights at various industry events like WebSummit Rio and Next Play Capital’s Fellowship Program. He has discussed topics ranging from managing SaaS products to the future of startup finance. His efforts have been recognized with awards, such as the Innovative Startup Funding Provider Award, and his company was ranked as the #5 Best Startup to Work For in San Francisco. Additionally, Lombardo has been instrumental in launching initiatives like the Default Alive Coalition and introducing tools like Arc Treasury and Arc Analytics to further support startups in managing their finances effectively.

About Arc

Arc is a fintech company based in San Francisco, specializing in comprehensive financial products and services for startups, including payment management, financing, and investment opportunities.

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