Sumit Gupta

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About Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta is the co-founder of AntWalk and has previously worked at Adani Capital and ICICI, holding a CFA Level 3 certification.

Known information

Sumit Gupta is recognized for his role as a co-founder at AntWalk, an innovative platform in the professional learning space. Prior to this, he built a substantial career in finance, having worked at Adani Capital and ICICI Bank, two prominent financial institutions. His expertise is further solidified by his achievement of a CFA Level 3 certification, indicating a high level of financial competency and knowledge. Gupta’s diverse experiences and qualifications contribute significantly to his leadership and strategic vision at AntWalk.

About AntWalk

AntWalk, formerly known as ANTWAK and AntWak, is an education company based in Bengaluru, India, specializing in customized up-skilling programs across various sectors. The company leverages a network of over 3000 experts worldwide to provide continuous learning tracks and professional development solutions.

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