Sriramkumar S

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About Sriramkumar S

Sriramkumar S is a co-founder with a background in consulting and technology, having worked at McKinsey, Jio, and Broadcom, and is an alumnus of ISB.

Known information

Sriramkumar S is recognized for his diverse professional background, spanning strategic consulting and technology sectors. He has held positions at prestigious firms such as McKinsey, where he gained expertise in management consulting. His career also includes significant roles at Jio and Broadcom, contributing to his deep knowledge in the technology industry. Additionally, Sriramkumar has enhanced his academic and professional foundation by attending the Indian School of Business (ISB), further solidifying his credentials as a skilled leader and innovator in his field.

About AntWalk

AntWalk, formerly known as ANTWAK and AntWak, is an education company based in Bengaluru, India, specializing in customized up-skilling programs across various sectors. The company leverages a network of over 3000 experts worldwide to provide continuous learning tracks and professional development solutions.

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