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Company Overview

Amenli is a fintech company based in Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt. It operates in the fintech sector, specifically catering to the insurance sub-industry. Amenli holds the distinction of being the first licensed online insurance broker in Egypt. The company serves the Egyptian market, aiming to tap into a potential Total Addressable Market (TAM) of $10 billion. Amenli is an early-stage startup and a part of the Y Combinator S21 batch.


Amenli provides online insurance brokerage services, significantly enhancing the speed and efficiency of policy issuance. The company has streamlined the process to issue over 500 insurance policies in less than 10 minutes, compared to the industry standard which typically takes a minimum of three weeks. This positions Amenli as a disruptor within the insurance sector in Egypt.


Amenli's co-founders were part of the founding team of Paymob, bringing significant fintech experience to the company. Their backgrounds in the industry have enabled them to navigate and disrupt the traditional insurance market in Egypt effectively. Amenli leverages this expertise to improve and innovate its services.

Market Regions

Amenli operates actively in Egypt and extends its services throughout the Middle East and North Africa regions. By focusing on these areas, the company aims to expand its reach and effectively serve a broader customer base within the MENA region.

Team and Growth

Amenli boasts a team size of 65 employees, reflecting its capacity for growth and innovation in the fintech and insurance sectors. The cohesive team works towards refining and expanding the company’s offerings, supporting Amenli’s mission to become a leading online insurance broker in the region.

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