Topher Haddad

Co-founder & CEO @ Albedo

Topher Haddad is the Co-founder and CEO of Albedo, a company focused on providing high-resolution visible and thermal imagery, which has raised $58M in funding and operates a new manufacturing facility in Denver.

Topher Haddad: Co-founder and CEO

Topher Haddad is the co-founder and CEO of Albedo, a company revolutionizing the Earth Observation industry. Under Haddad's leadership, Albedo has focused on capturing visible and thermal imagery at unprecedented resolutions. His vision and strategic direction have been pivotal in scaling the company rapidly since its inception.

Topher Haddad's Y Combinator Participation

Topher Haddad participated in Y Combinator, gaining invaluable insights and mentorship that have contributed to Albedo's trajectory. This accelerator program has been instrumental in fine-tuning Albedo’s business model and strategy.

Series A Funding of $48M

Under Topher Haddad's leadership, Albedo raised a significant $48M Series A funding round. This capital injection has fueled the company's growth and technological advancements.

Albedo's Total Funding of $58M

Albedo, co-founded by Topher Haddad, has secured a total funding of $58M within two years. This rapid financial growth underscores the market's confidence in Albedo's mission and vision.

Official NOAA Licensing for High-Resolution Imagery

Albedo, under Topher Haddad’s direction, received an official NOAA license to commercially sell 10cm resolution imagery. This milestone enables Albedo to offer unparalleled high-resolution visual data in the market.

Phase II SBIR with AFWERX/Space Force

Haddad spearheaded Albedo's efforts to secure a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract with AFWERX/Space Force. This collaboration is a testament to the company's cutting-edge capabilities in the aerospace domain.

Customer Pre-Sales and Letters of Intent

Under Topher Haddad's leadership, Albedo closed tens of millions in binding pre-sales and secured hundreds of millions in customer Letters of Intent. These commitments reflect the strong demand for Albedo’s advanced imagery solutions.

Albedo's Remote-First Work Environment

Topher Haddad has cultivated a remote-first work culture at Albedo, allowing for flexibility and talent acquisition from around the globe. This approach supports a dynamic and adaptive workforce.

New Manufacturing Facility in Denver

Albedo, under the guidance of Topher Haddad, opened a 10,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the Denver, Colorado area. This facility can accommodate the simultaneous construction of 3-4 satellites and is equipped with clean rooms and various labs.

Partnership with Landscape for New Brand Identity

Topher Haddad led Albedo in partnering with Landscape, an award-winning agency, to develop a new company identity and logo. The updated branding is designed to be timeless and represents the company’s significant impact in the Earth Observation industry.

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