AyJay Lasater

Co-founder & CTO @ Albedo

AyJay Lasater is the Co-founder and CTO of Albedo, a company focused on providing high-resolution satellite imagery, who has successfully raised significant funding and developed advanced satellite technologies.

AyJay Lasater - Co-founder & CTO of Albedo

AyJay Lasater is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Albedo, a company that aims to provide high-resolution satellite imagery. Lasater's leadership has been instrumental in the development and execution of Albedo's technological and business strategies.

AyJay Lasater - Y Combinator and $10M Seed Round

AyJay Lasater co-founded Albedo through participation in Y Combinator. Under his leadership, Albedo secured a $10 million seed funding round led by Initialized Capital. This early financial backing was crucial in establishing the company's foundational technologies and operations.

AyJay Lasater - Series A Funding and Baseline Architecture

AyJay Lasater successfully completed the baseline architecture and design for Albedo, which led to a $52 million Series A funding round. The funding and design work enabled the next phase of development, including the finalization of satellite design and the establishment of a manufacturing facility in Denver, Colorado.

Albedo's Imagery License and Commercial Satellites

AyJay Lasater played a key role in Albedo being awarded a 10cm NOAA imagery license. Under his technical leadership, Albedo has planned to launch the first and second 10cm commercial satellites. The imagery tasking from these satellites will be exclusively available to Albedo Reserve customers.

AyJay Lasater's Blog Contributions

AyJay Lasater has co-authored several blog posts, including announcements about Albedo's new manufacturing facility and a significant $48 million Series A funding round aimed at capturing the highest resolution satellite imagery. These blogs provide insight into Albedo's milestones and future plans.

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