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What are the biggest startups?

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Feb 23, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Nourish Nourish offers specialized nutrition counseling for cancer patients, covered by insurance. is a significant startup in the AI content creation industry, with a strong customer base, innovative AI solutions, and growth since its launch in 2021.
Yassir Yassir has significant VC backing (~$200M), operates in multiple countries, and offers a wide range of services, indicating it is one of the biggest startups in its region.
Shipper Shipper is a growth-stage startup in the B2B supply chain and logistics industry, offering a comprehensive e-commerce logistics and enablement platform in Southeast Asia, with significant operations and technological solutions.
Groww Groww is a fintech startup in the growth stage, backed by major investors like Y Combinator and Sequoia, making it one of the biggest startups in its sector.