Verticalized CRMs

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Trella Health develops a CRM software that is specifically tailored for the healthcare industry, serving markets such as home health, hospice, skilled nursing, home medical equipment, and infusion.

DealerSocket provides CRM software specifically tailored for the automotive dealership industry, fulfilling both criteria of developing CRM software and targeting a specific vertical.

FieldPulse provides CRM software as part of its comprehensive suite of field service management solutions and tailors its offerings to specific industries such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, and property management.


Juniper Square provides an investor CRM specifically designed for private investments, which indicates that it develops CRM software tailored for specific industries or verticals.

KMM Technologies provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions for major financial institutions, indicating that their CRM software is tailored for specific industries.


Rally UXR develops a CRM specifically tailored for user research, which is a specific vertical within the broader CRM market. Their platform is designed to streamline research processes for UX Researchers, PMs, and Designers, making it a verticalized CRM.

Megnity Technologies offers industry-specific cloud solutions for financial services, healthcare & life sciences, government, and other sectors, which indicates that their CRM services are tailored for specific industries. Additionally, they provide a range of Salesforce services, which includes CRM software.

boostr provides a CRM platform specifically designed for media sales, which indicates that it develops CRM software tailored for a specific industry (media).


Computer Guidance offers a CRM application specifically designed for the construction industry, which qualifies as a verticalized CRM tailored for a specific industry.