Lawyers who founded a startup

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Apr 24, 2024
Person Company Title Email Reason
Brian Hoop Co-Founder Brian is a co-founder of Hoop, a startup company, and he led Legal operations at Trello, indicating his qualifications in law. Report
Nadia Dugal Tome Nadia Dugal is a co-founder at Tome and is featured on the company's Legal Advisory Board page, indicating her qualifications in law. Report
Ozan Yalti DraftWise Co-Founder Ozan Yalti is a co-founder of DraftWise, a startup company, and has practiced law for a decade, including as a lawyer at Clifford Chance LLP. Report
Ed Steakley Cognition IP Managing Shareholder, COO Ed Steakley co-founded Cognition IP, a startup company, and has a background as a Senior Patent Counsel, indicating he is a qualified lawyer. Report
Wyatt Amaral Clipboard Health Head of Strategy & Operations Wyatt Amaral is a qualified lawyer, having started her career at Davis Polk & Wardwell and studied at Yale Law School. She also founded Clipboard Health, a startup company. Report
Wei Deng Clipboard Health CEO Wei Deng is the founder of Clipboard Health, a startup company, and started her career as a lawyer at Davis Polk & Wardwell, a prestigious law firm. Report
Tom Brunskill Forage Co-founder & CEO Tom Brunskill matches the query 'Lawyers who founded a startup' because he was a M&A Attorney at King & Wood Mallesons, indicating he is a qualified lawyer, and he is the Co-founder & CEO of Forage, a company offering online job simulations, confirming he founded a startup. Report
Madeleine Nguyen Talentdrop Co-Founder / CEO Madeleine Nguyen is a qualified lawyer, having attended law school at Washington University in St. Louis, and she is the founder of Talentdrop. Report
Galia S. Flow Club Founder Galia S. is identified as both a lawyer and the founder of Flow Club. Report
Tyler Morris Pursuit Co-Founder & General Counsel Tyler Morris is a qualified lawyer with a J.D. from Villanova Law School and has worked as an attorney. He is also a co-founder of Pursuit, which is a startup company. Report

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