Founders who went to Harvard

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May 3, 2024
Person Company Title Email Reason
Kunj G. Patel SafeBeat Founder, President, and CTO Kunj G. Patel is the founder of SafeBeat and attended Harvard University for his medical training. Report
Ashutosh Kumar CashBook CTO, Co-Founder Ashutosh Kumar is a co-founder of CashBook and attended Harvard University. Report
Elli Papaemmanuil Isabl CEO and Scientific Co-founder Elli Papaemmanuil is confirmed as the CEO and Scientific Co-founder of Isabl, and is also a Professor of Pathology and Genetics at Harvard Medical School. Report
Richmond Bassey Bamboo CEO/Co-Founder Richmond Bassey is a co-founder of Bamboo and attended Harvard University. Report
Ivana Djuretic Asher Bio Founder, Chief Scientific Officer Ivana Djuretic is a founder of Asher Bio and earned a Ph.D. in Immunology from Harvard University. Report
Ramiro Berrelleza Okteto CEO & Co-founder Ramiro Berrelleza is a co-founder of Okteto and attended Harvard University. Report
Jason Langheier Synapticure Co-Founder, Board Co-Chair Jason Langheier is a co-founder of Synapticure and received his MPH from Harvard. Report
George Church 64x Bio Co-founder George Church is a co-founder of 64x Bio and is a Harvard geneticist. Report
Tom Hadfield Mio CEO Tom Hadfield co-founded Mio and holds a degree from Harvard University. Report
Tiffani Ashley Bell The Human Utility Founding Executive Director Tiffani Ashley Bell is the Founding Executive Director of The Human Utility and was a Technology & Democracy Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Report

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