founders of early stage startup launching a product soon

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May 6, 2024
Person Company Title Email Reason
Chris Amador Vendoo CTO Chris Amador is one of the co-founders of Vendoo, which is an early stage startup backed by Y Combinator and is actively developing and enhancing its software product. Report
Raven Jiang Arc Co-Founder & CTO Raven Jiang is a Co-Founder & CTO at Arc, which is an early stage startup offering innovative financial solutions for startups and has launched products like Arc Capital Markets and Runway by Arc, indicating they are launching products soon. Report
Logan Welbaum Plai Founder Logan Welbaum is the founder of Plai, which is an early stage startup that has plans to add new features in the next two months, indicating a product launch soon. Report
Alexandre Monjol Lago Software engineer Alexandre Monjol is the co-founder and CEO of Lago, which is an early stage startup founded in March 2021 and is currently involved in developing and launching new products. Report
Alex Fisher AOA Dx Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder Alex Fisher is a co-founder of AOA Dx, which is an early stage startup as evidenced by its recent $7M Seed funding and participation in the Y Combinator S21 batch. AOA Dx is actively developing and planning to launch new products such as AKRIVIS GD™, a novel blood test for early-stage ovarian cancer detection. Report
Chef Jeff Eat Blueprint Founder Chef Jeff is the founder of Eat Blueprint, which is an early stage startup as it was founded after a pivot and has been operational for only a few months with plans for expansion. The company is also launching new products soon, as indicated by the 'coming soon' items like Tofu Scramble and Chocolate Protein Bites. Report
Praveen Maloo Corrily CPO, Co-Founder Praveen Maloo is a co-founder of Corrily, which is an early stage startup offering innovative price optimization solutions and is actively developing and launching new features such as PriceGPT and advanced paywall features. Report
Mohamed El Mahallawy Shepherd Co-Founder & CTO Mohamed El Mahallawy is the Co-Founder & CTO of Shepherd, which is an early stage startup launched in 2021 and part of Y Combinator's W21 batch. The company plans to launch at least 2 new insurance products in 2024, indicating that they are launching a product soon. Report
Spandana Nakka Founder and CEO Spandana Nakka is the founder and CEO of, which is an early stage startup part of Y Combinator's S22 batch and is planning to offer many new features and products in 2024, indicating an upcoming product launch. Report
Christian Mathiesen Frigade Cofounder Christian Mathiesen is a cofounder of Frigade, which is an early stage startup that participated in Y Combinator's Winter 2023 cohort and has recently raised seed funding. Frigade is launching new products and platforms, such as a new developer platform for building product onboarding. Report

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