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May 2, 2024
Person Company Title Email Reason
Lucy Howie Quan CPO & Co-Founder Lucy Howie is a co-founder of Quan, a company that focuses on improving well-being and team performance, which is relevant to the future of online work. She has experience in enhancing team dynamics and well-being, crucial for remote work environments. Additionally, her role and contributions suggest she possesses effective communication skills, necessary for a podcast guest. Report
Lawrence Gentilello Optery FOUNDER, CEO Lawrence Gentilello is the founder and CEO of Optery, a company that provides services relevant to online work by offering automated opt-out software for personal information management. His prior experience in leading remote collaboration companies and his role in launching online platforms demonstrate his insights into online work. Additionally, his effective communication skills are indicated by his leadership roles and the recognition of his companies. Report
Nicholas Hui MedMe Health Co-founder & Chief Product Officer Nicholas Hui is a co-founder of MedMe Health, a company that provides virtual care and clinical services technology, which is relevant to online work. He has been recognized for his contributions to healthcare, indicating effective communication skills and insights into innovative care paradigms. Report
Zeh Fernandes Resend Co-founder Zeh Fernandes is a co-founder of Resend, a company that operates with a fully remote team, indicating experience with online work environments. Additionally, his involvement in building a communication platform and participating in Y Combinator suggests he has engaging communication skills. Report
Hetal Shah Dr. Treat Co-Founder, Chief Experience Officer Hetal Shah is a co-founder of Dr. Treat, a company that provides both virtual and in-clinic veterinary services, indicating her experience with online services. Her role as Chief Experience Officer and her focus on accessible, on-demand care demonstrate her insights into innovative service delivery, which is relevant to discussions about the future of online work. Additionally, her company's recognition in notable publications suggests she possesses effective communication skills. Report
Brian Wallach Synapticure Co-Founder, Board Co-Chair Brian Wallach is the co-founder of Synapticure, a company that provides virtual clinical care for neurodegenerative diseases, which includes leveraging online platforms for healthcare. His experience in building a company focused on innovative, patient-centric online healthcare solutions, combined with his effective communication skills as a well-known patient advocate, makes him a suitable guest for a podcast discussing the future of online work, particularly in the context of healthcare and patient care. Report
Alexandra Griffon BlueCargo Co-founder & CEO Alexandra Griffon is a co-founder and CEO of BlueCargo, a company that enhances efficiency in port operations and logistics, which is relevant to discussions on the future of online work in terms of remote operations and digital solutions. Her background in corporate finance and experience in developing a platform for efficient logistics operations demonstrate her insights into innovative business solutions. Additionally, her ability to grow her team and lead a successful startup suggests she possesses effective communication skills. Report
Kanjun Qiu Imbue (formerly Generally Intelligent) Cofounder & CEO Kanjun Qiu is the cofounder and CEO of Imbue, a company that builds AI systems, which could be relevant to discussions about the future of work, especially in how AI integrates with online work environments. Additionally, her previous engagements in podcasts and discussions about AI's impact on human potential indicate she has effective communication skills and relevant insights. Report
Roy Pombeiro Showbie CTO & Cofounder Roy Pombeiro is a cofounder of Showbie, a company that significantly contributes to online education by providing tools that enhance classroom workflow, productivity, and communication. His role and the nature of Showbie's services directly relate to online work, particularly in education. Additionally, as a leader in a company that emphasizes effective communication and employee happiness, it is likely that he possesses engaging and effective communication skills. Report
Chris Castiglione One Month Co-founder and teacher Chris Castiglione is a co-founder of One Month, a company that offers online courses in programming and web development, which is relevant to the future of online work. He has extensive experience in teaching and creating online educational content, as evidenced by his role in teaching various programming courses and hosting the Learn to Code Podcast. Additionally, his engaging teaching style and effective communication skills are demonstrated through his role as an adjunct professor and a podcast host. Report

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