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Mar 9, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Pillar The company explicitly states it's female-founded in its long description.
Pina Earth Dr. Gesa Biermann is listed as a Co-Founder & CEO, indicating female leadership at Pina Earth.
Cloudthread Daniele Packard is listed as a co-founder and CEO, indicating female leadership.
Planet A Foods Planet A Foods was founded by Sara and Max, indicating that one of the founders, Sara, is female.
Kaya Anita Koimur is mentioned as a co-founder on the company's website, indicating female founders.
SafeBeat SafeBeat has a female founder, Rachita Navara, MD, FACC, FHRS, who is listed as the Founder and CEO.
Talentdrop Talentdrop is explicitly described as female-founded, female-owned, and female-operated on their 'About' page.
Membo One of the co-founders, Paula Kink, is mentioned, indicating female leadership.
Almond Almond was co-founded by Tara and Carly, indicating female founders.
Known Medicine Andrea Mazzocchi and Katie-Rose Skelly are listed as Co-founder and CEO, and Co-founder and CTO respectively, indicating female founders.
Ariglad One of the co-founders of Ariglad is named Sophie, indicating at least one female founder.
ALT TEX The co-founders of ALT TEX, Myra and Avneet, are mentioned, indicating female leadership.
Truva Anuja, mentioned as an alumnus of Haas MBA from UC Berkeley, is a co-founder, indicating female founder presence.
Edlyft Co-founders Erika and Arnelle are mentioned, indicating female founders.
Global Belly Global Belly has female founders, Ankita Sharma and Madhuri Sharma.
Trestle Biotherapeutics Alice Chen, PhD is listed as a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, indicating female founding leadership.
Elpha Elpha is explicitly described as a professional network dedicated to helping women succeed at work, indicating it supports female founders.
Manara The website explicitly mentions efforts to hire and promote women technologists, indicating a focus on supporting female founders and professionals in the tech industry.
Veera Health Veera Health has female founders, Shobhita and Shashwata.
Alinea The press page mentions Alinea's founders were featured in Forbes 30 under 30 2024, indicating recognition for young, impactful entrepreneurs, which often includes female founders.
ReleviumBio Alison Liddy is listed as the CEO & Co-Founder, indicating female founding leadership.
Liv Labs The company has female founders, as indicated by the device inventor Carly Price and CEO Melody Roberts mentioned in the long description.
Origami Therapeutics, Inc. Beth Hoffman, Ph.D., is listed as the Founder, President, and CEO, indicating female leadership.
Impossible Metals The company features a TIME Magazine feature on Renee and Impossible Metals, indicating Renee Grogan as a prominent figure, suggesting female leadership or founding role.
Shiok Meats Testimonials on the Investors page mention support for Shiok's women-led team, indicating female founders.
Portão 3 One of the founders, Bianca, is mentioned as an experienced entrepreneur, indicating that Portão 3 has a female founder.
Sequin Sequin was co-founded by a female, Vrinda Gupta, who is also the CEO, aligning with the query for female founders.
Yemaachi Biotechnology Yemaachi Biotechnology has female founders, as evidenced by Joyce Ngoi being listed as a Co-Founder on the company's 'Company' page.
Genecis Bio Luna Yu is mentioned as the founder and CEO of Genecis Bioindustries, indicating female leadership.
Hive Health The 'About Us' page mentions Camille Ang as the Co-Founder and CEO, indicating female leadership.
Zealth Monika Mehta, identified as the CEO in the company description, is a female founder.
AOA Dx AOA Dx has female founders, as evidenced by Oriana Papin-Zoghbi being listed as the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder.
Promakhos Therapeutics Katerina Chatzi, Ph.D., is listed as the CEO, President, and Co-founder, indicating Promakhos Therapeutics has a female founder.
Criya The founder & CEO of Criya is Deboshree Dutta, indicating the company has a female founder.
Alixia Helen Chen, Ph.D. is listed as a Co-founder & Co-CEO, indicating the company has a female founder.
Seabound Seabound has female founders, as evidenced by Alisha Fredriksson being listed as Co-Founder & CEO.