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female founder harvard dropouts

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Company Name Website Reason
Pillar Pillar is female-founded as stated in the long description.
Talentdrop Talentdrop is female-founded as stated on their 'About' page.
Reframe (Glucobit) Reframe (Glucobit) offers a comprehensive app designed to help users reduce or quit alcohol consumption, providing neuroscience-based programs, daily tasks, community support, and resources for healthier habits, aligning with the query for a company helping with alcohol reduction or cessation.
Guardian Bio Ananya Zutshi, a female co-founder of Guardian Bio, has an MBA from Harvard.
Hive Health Hive Health was founded by individuals from Harvard and Stanford, as stated on their 'About Us' page, confirming the Harvard connection. However, there is no information confirming the founders are female or dropouts, making the match partial.